Abraham Palatnik premiado

O artista brasileiro Abraham Palatnik, artista cinético brasileiro, ganhou um Lifetime Achievement Award (um prêmio que americano adora dar para prestigiar a obra de vida de um artista, formato inexistente no Brasil), da Leonardo Foundation. Mais um brasileiro notório vagando por aí!

Leonardo/ISAST is pleased to announce Abraham Palatnik as the recipient of the 2005 Frank J. Malina Leonardo Award for Lifetime Achievement. For over a half century, pioneering Brazilian artist Palatnik has been working at the forefront of "new media," creating a comprehensive body of work inspired by his broad-reaching interests in the arts, sciences and technology. Over the years, Palatnik has continually pushed the limits of innovation, beginning with his motorized light and color machines (termed "cinechromatic" machines by Brazilian critic and theorist Mario Pedrosa) and continuing through many experiments with kinetic art, as well as the creation of several patented inventions.