Primeiros parágrafos de um livro que nunca escreverei

"I'd like something that gives you good energy, good for thinking and ideas, nothing too heavy or that makes you sleepy," he asked. The nice young man over the counter recommended "Laughing Buddha" e "Lemon Haze" and handed us the little packages. "Will the "Laughing Buddha" make me laugh?" I asked as I chuckled. "It's clearly already working," he answered. We had been walking all day, in and out of buildings and crossing canals we barely noticed, absorbed as we were in a kind of philosophical trance. I remembered, after the first laughing-buddhist puff, how I felt at 21 years old when it seemed I was high all the time, naturally. "What happened?" he asks. "I don't know...I think I was 24 when it stopped, when I got married."